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MindPro, a Revolutionary Lean Six Sigma Training System

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What is MindPro®?

MindPro® is an online Six Sigma training system. Dr. Harry and his staff worked 4 years to realize its design and function. Although primarily used to prepare, certify and support Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts, it offers a host of other supporting programs and wide array of documentation and application tools. Through Dr. Harry’s unique Over-the-Expert’s-Shoulder training videos, as well as its many other features and benefits, MindPro® has proven itself to be an instructionally effective and cost-efficient way to deliver high quality training and certification to those that need it – anytime, anywhere, on-demand. As a matter of authoritative credibility and demonstrated success, Dr. Harry’s Six Sigma teachings have been used and endorsed by many of the world’s top corporations and institutions. His work has been widely acclaimed in numerous bedrock publications, both nationally and internationally. So, when you earn your Six Sigma credential from Dr. Harry through his MindPro® System, you can rest assured it will be highly respected throughout industry and serve as a strong testament to your Lean Six Sigma competencies.

Who can benefit from MindPro®?

For example, business and technical professionals that desire to further their career in terms of vertical or horizontal job mobility, as well as increasing their annual income. There are several key annual salary surveys conducted each year by highly credible organizations. Year after year, the survey results clearly indicate that Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts earn a significantly higher annual salary than their counterparts.​

For example, a small business may not be able to remove people from their daily work responsibilities to attend live training; however, at the same time, they have a burning need to create improvements that can take their business to the next level. In such cases, the company can incentivize their high-performers to train at home. In this way, MindPro® allows a win-win situation to be created for everyone involved.​

For example, consider a mid-sized company that can’t afford the resource and time commitments to engage a full-scale deployment and implementation of Six Sigma. In such cases, the company might consider creating a “Six Sigma Tiger Team” consisting of a few MindPro® trained Black Belts and Green Belts. If a business problem should arise, a Black Belt or Green Belt would be selected from the Tiger Team to resolve the issue by applying Lean Six Sigma methods. Following this, that person would return to his or her normal job assignment. Since they don’t use their skills every day, MindPro® is a great tool to stay current overtime or just brush-up on the Lean Six Sigma tools and methods previously learned.​

For example, a Fortune500 company or a government agency might be undertaking a full-scale improvement initiative using Lean Six Sigma as their primary change agent. In this case, experience has shown that the enterprise must first design and create an infrastructure of Six Sigma practitioners and leaders. In turn, those practitioners would be focused on executing high-value projects that are consistent with the organization’s business goals. Naturally, when the mass of project results are aggregated, the “needle of business” moves in a positive direction. Given such a Six Sigma Deployment and Implementation scenario, the company would want to acquire a MindPro® Enterprise License to fully support the initiative. Of interest, the MindPro® Solution can be used as a stand-alone digital training platform or used in conjunction with coaching (live or remote) to form a custom blend of learning and application resources.​

Benefits of a Lean Six Sigma Certification

Improves Execution

Builds customer loyalty

Generates greater returns

Certifies your talent

Improves work performance

Open new doors

Applies everywhere


MindPro® System Overview

MindPro is comprised of four primary Delivery Platforms. The system can be utilized in one of the following ways:

Blended Learning/Coaching

Blended Learning utilizes a mixture of online learning and live webinars. Blended Learning provides the advantage of self-paced online learning, which allows the candidate to stop the videos for taking notes or replay the videos on topics that are not clear to them.

Cohort Classes

While you will be studying independently and self-paced on your own schedule, you will be required to meet specific deadlines for exams and required to attend live webinars offered at specific dates and times throughout the course.

Enterprise Solutions

Complete customization services available upon request. This may include a limited or unlimited number of user licenses or variations to suit the customer's need.

MindPro® Delivery Platforms



MindPro’s Lean Six Sigma training programs include: Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, White Belt and more. See “Training Programs for more details.



Includes a wide array of supplemental learning resources such as calculators, simulators, exercises, reference documents, and subject matter relative web links. All PDF and Excel file resources can be viewed, printed, downloaded and saved for future reference.



Word search capability that allows the MindPro database to be searched for known words. These results may include coaching packets, which serve as mini curriculums, or individual media. All results are displayed in their proper learning order.



Filtered database queries that provide results in a manner consistent with search engines. These results may include coaching packets, which serve as mini curriculums, or individual media. All results are displayed in their proper learning order.