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Lean Six Sigma
Belt Internship Program

A unique opportunity to start working with us.

What is the Lean Six Sigma Belt Internship Program (BIP)?

The Belt Internship Program is a four phases journey that begins with a Black Belt Training and may culminate with an offer to join us. During this journey, you will obtain a world-class certification, learn the most successful business-improvement methodology, how to apply them in real-world companies and get hired from us to pay back your training.

Nowadays, searching for professional experiences and dynamic workplaces that will boost your career can be complex and unproductive. Even then, the right mix of personal growth, meritocracy, and honest leadership is almost always an unreachable dream. This is why the Six Sigma Management Institute has been working to merge in a unique program everything you need to make the right investment on yourself by stepping into the world of Lean Six Sigma.

How does it work?

PHASE 1 - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

The first phase of the program consists of a 160 hours of online training on Lean and Six Sigma principles, practices, deployment strategies and implementation tactics. This training will endow participants with the knowledge and expertise to master the concepts and tools required for a LSS Black Belt.

PHASE 2 - Exam & Certification

At the end of the training, participants will need to complete 21 Knowledge Assessment Exams and a Digital Training Project, all online. After successfully completing all the requirements the candidate will be internationally certified as an SSMI Lean Six Sigma Black.

PHASE 3 - Belt Internship Program

The candidates who will achieve a Black Belt Certification will be eligible to apply for the Belt Internship Program (BIP). The BIP is a 3 weeks internship program in which the participants will have the opportunity to work on real-life Lean and Six Sigma projects. In order to apply for the BIP, each candidate will need to submit their CV and be subject to a face-to-face interview with one of our Master Black Belts, who will asses their knowledge and skills on Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts. 

PHASE 4 - Join the SSMI Workforce

Upon completion of the BIP, each candidate will be asked to produce an Individual Report about the experience and the results achieved during the 3 weeks. The findings will be then evaluated by one of our Master Black Belts. To the candidates who will demonstrate outstanding skills in managing and executing Lean Six Sigma projects it will be asked to join the SSMI Work Force to serve as consultants to provide support for Lean Six Sigma Training and Projects all across Europe.

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