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Transition 4.0

The digital revolution and the use of exponential technologies


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Digital transformation and Transition 4.0 are the technological innovations at the basis of the so-called fourth industrial revolution that is currently underway in many companies. The goal of this program is to describe these two methodological philosophies to obtain maximum value and help create new business models in the company.

The training objective is to allow professionals who deal with Production, Logistics, Quality, Organization, to have a new and broader vision on the role of operational processes and on the methods of designing and manufacturing products and services. The goal is to disseminate adequate knowledge and to guarantee the tools that support companies in their activities towards new paradigms and successes.


The body of knowledge associated with this program of study is organized into 4 modules:

1. Transition 4.0

  • Industry 4.0: the new architecture
  • Essential principles: Cyber-Physical System
  • Internet of Things (IoT); Internet of Service
  • The Smart Factory: technology 4.0 deployment

2. Industry 4.0: Machine Learning

  • Statistical tools for data analysis
  • Prediction Models
  • Machine Learning techniques
  • Case studies of applied machine learning within Industry 4.0

3. Digital Factory: how to create value in a business

  • Application fields: manufacturing – new product development – supply chain
  • Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • How new digital technologies enhance business value creation
  • How to improve Lean Six Sigma framework with new digital technologies

4. From Lean Six Sigma to Industry 4.0

  • Lean Six Sigma overview: IDOV/DMAIC cycle
  • Lean Six Sigma 4.0
  • Process monitoring, fault detection, product quality prediction
  • How to implement Experimental Design in a 4.0 facility

To obtain the SSMI® Transition 4.0, participants are required to complete the following requirement:

  • Completion of 4 Knowledge Assessments Exams. Each module assessment comprises of 30 multiple choice questions which participants need to score more than 70% 

The SSMI® Transition 4.0 program has a duration of 8 days of live webinar training (two days per month).

Formatele trainingului nostru:

Proiectantul programei

Pierfranco Portrandolfo has more than 30 years of experience in the Operation and Manufacturing sector, integrating Continuous Improvement Methodologies and Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing 4.0. He has an incredible amount of experience and successes achieved during the application of engineering and managerial models within the best companies in the world. On these topics Pierfranco has published more that 200 articles and taught hundreds of seminars and training programs.

What is Transition 4.0?

In addition to the use of new technologies, digital transformation implies the integration and interconnection of machines with the company production cycle and the interaction between machines and humans through intuitive interfaces. Thanks to digitization it is possible to collect data and analyze them, sharing useful information for efficient production management and remote control. The concept of Transition 4.0 (formerly Industry 4.0) was created with the aim of encouraging investments in support of technological and digital innovation within industrial processes. Those who use it obtain clear benefits in terms of innovation and competitiveness. This digital revolution is a blend of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), machine learning, human-machine interfaces, and advanced analytics designed to improve management, business operations, business models and customer reach by making simpler and more accessible processes than before

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