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The Six Sigma Management Institute was founded by Dr. Mikel J. Harry. For over 30 years, we have coached hundreds of companies and trained thousands of individuals both with the goal of helping them achieve the highest level of performance in their industries and professional careers. During these highly complex and data-driven times, we believe that every individual should be knowledgeable of the frameworks and the tools required to dive deep into data and re-emerge with valuable information, to help their company and themselves achieve breakthrough improvements. SSMI's mission is to provide the necessary framework and tools to enable any company to enhance the quality of their products, services and ultimately to increase the satisfaction of their clients.

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Understanding what Lean Six Sigma is, finding the best training and how to achieve a Certification is often a challenging task. Our main goal at SSMI is to clear any doubts by providing all the necessary information to make thoughtful and precise decisions on your career development. Therefore, we have designed a simple but effective path that will gently guide you into the world of Lean Six Sigma, explaining the different Belt levels and how to be internationally certified by SSMI.

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