Technology is disrupting enterprises across every industry. Ensuring you have the right people to rise to the challenge can seem like a huge undertaking but it doesn't have to be. Find out how SSMI Consulting can help you upskill your workforce for what's ahead.

Your future depends on a workforce with the right tech skills.


of CEOs say lack of key skills is threatening future growth of their organizations.


of business leaders do not believe they can quickly hire the talent they need.


of high growth organizations believe their workforce can be trained to have the skills they require.

Our Industries


Healthcare delivery systems compete on an increasingly challenging playing field due to cost pressures and higher demand. SSMI works alongside clients on identifying innovative ways to improve healthcare quality and affordability, using process optimization solutions that allow clients to implement changes quickly and efficiently.


For decades we have been working with the world’s largest diversified industrial companies to help them eliminate waste, improve flow, reduce process variation and minimize defects. We understand the cyclical nature of the industry and the unique challenges it faces, and we consistently help our clients optimize their performance.

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense sector faces a dynamic environment marked by new competitors, technical innovations and uncertainty about government spending. SSMI has worked with these organizations, starting with the United States’ Department of Defense and Airforce, to develop new strategies to help them improve operations, program affordability and to exceed their growth targets.

Financial Services

Financial services players constantly need to harness better business models by finding innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs, align IT and managing risks. SSMI support all major areas of the financial sector to improve operational performance and critical metrics by benchmarking process efficiency, sales performance, and high-level strategy.


Pursuing innovation, redefining markets and pushing performance boundaries should be at the forefront of the energy sector. SSMI’s experience in the mining, oil and gas, renewables and chemical sectors has allowed strategic growth and operational excellence for over 20 years.


New business models, increasing customer expectations and new digital solutions are challenges that can benefit tremendously from having low process variation, and reliable data-driven decisions. SSMI helps clients to orchestrate such activities in each subsector of the retail industry, allowing the development and integration of tailored strategies that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.


The higher education sector faces huge pressure to improve organisational efficiency, quality of programs and integration of new e-learning solutions to outreach multiple audiences, while tying to grow campuses and manage costs. In order to strategically manage opportunities, priorities and plan SSMI provides support from performance improvement and operating efficiency to growth strategy and digital integration, so that the sole focus of the institutions is the educational mission.

Automotive & Mobility

The most popular application of Lean Six Sigma is in the in automotive industry. This sector encounters extreme pressure in controlling costs, meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining high level of safety and quality and increasing client satisfaction. SSMI has applied its methodology within the biggest player in the world and has improved the quality of their process outputs by determining, analyzing and eliminating the major causes of errors while also reducing variability, to ensure that every facet of the company is future-ready and poised to seize new opportunities.