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The history of the Six Sigma Management Institute

Historically speaking, Six Sigma has evolved from a quality improvement tool in the mid-1980s to a fact-driven system of business management in the 2000s. Over the last 20 years, there have been many events and contributions that have shaped Six Sigma. Even today, the evolution of Six Sigma continues – growing in both power and diversity, throughout the world. We at the Six Sigma Management Institute - SSMI Europe - are proud to carry on the legacy of the mind that developed one of the most successful methodologies from the post-war, Dr. Mikel J. Harry. This historical timeline aims to reveal how, step-by-step, Dr. Harry was able to create a tidal wave of improvement in the biggest corporations in the world and be internationally recognized as the creator of Six Sigma. His Six Sigma Management Institute - SSMI Europe - is now an global training and consulting Institute that helps companies and individuals achieving breakthrough performances and it certify their capabilities in doing so.